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Advocacy 2017


TALKING POINTS for 2017 Advocacy:

  • Over 100,000 Homeless Persons with Serious Mental Ilness with 44,000 living unsheltered
  • Need for a minimum of 40,000 new Permanent Supportive Housing vouchers
  • Priority need to shift $200 million from CDBG funding to HUD Homeless Assistance
  • Priority need to increase HUD budget by 10% to fund balance of total $450 million increase need for new vouchers and maintain existing vouchers
  • Replicating successful strategy for ending veteran homelessness



Use DEMOCRACY.IO - One Click - Just enter your Zip Code



2017 Transportation, Housing and Urban Development Committee

Last Year's 2016 Senate Bill - Current Appropriations Level $2.33 billion ($80 million above 2016 level)
Total HUD Appropriations of $39.2 billion for 2017.  No appropriations passed. Continuing Resolution funding in still in effect.

2017 Senate Committee Members:
Susan Collins (R-ME), Chair (Pictured Right) - LETTER to Collins
Jack Reed (D-RI), Ranking member - LETTER to Reed

Republican Members:
Richard Shelby (AL) - LETTER to Shelby
Lamar Alexander (TN) - LETTER to Alexander
Lindsay Graham (SC) - LETTER to Graham
Roy Blunt (MO) - LETTER to Blunt
John Boozman (AR) - LETTER to Boozman
Shelley Moore Capito (WV) - LETTER to Capito
Steve Daines (MT) - LETTER to Daines
John Hoeven (ND) -  LETTER to Hoeven

Democratic Members:
Joe Manchin (WV) - LETTER to Manchin
Patty Murray (WA) - LETTER to Murray
Richard Durbin (IL) - LETTER to Durbin
Dianne Feinstein (CA) - LETTER to Feinstein
Christopher Coons (DE) - LETTER to Coons
Brian Schatz (HI) - LETTER to Schatz
Chris Murphy (CT) - LETTER to Murphy


2017 Transportation, Housing and Urban Development Committee

2016 House Bill - Appropriated Level $2.487 billion ($237 million above 2016 level).  No Appropriations passed.

2017 House Committee Members
Mario Diaz-Balart, Florida, Chairman (Pictured Right) - LETTER to Diaz-Balart
David Joyce, Ohio - LETTER to Joyce (email only)
John Culberson, Texas - LETTER to Culberson
Kevin Yoder, Kansas, Vice Chair - LETTER to Yoder
David Jolly, Florida - LETTER to Jolly
David Young, Iowa - LETTER to Young
Evan Jenkins, West Virginia - LETTER to Jenkins

David Price, North Carolina, Ranking Member - LETTER to Price
Mike Quigley, Illinois - LETTER to Quigley
Tim Ryan, Ohio - LETTER to Ryan
Henry Cuellar, Texas - LETTER to Cuellar


NOTE:  Letters do take up to 2 weeks since they must be screened through security.  It is recommend to use Democracy.IO first and then send a letter.