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NHIP Newsletter  01.04.19 Wide Variation in Chronic Count; and more

NHIP Newsletter  01.04.19 HMIS bed participation rate falls; and more


NHIP Newsletter 12.16.18  PIT 2018:  Increased emergency usage keeps count totals stagnant and more

NHIP Newsletter 12.11.18  Hey HUD, where are the 2018 PIT totals? and more

NHIP Newsletter 11.26.18  NHIP calls for $1B increase in HUD Funding; USICH proposes tepid $287M increase and more

NHIP Newsletter 11.06.18 70 Communities that "Ended Homelessness" tally 5,273 homeless vets and more

NHIP Newsletter 10.20.18 AHAR 2017 P2:  What is? What is missing? 

NHIP Newsletter 09.08.18 Miami-Dade certified as Ending Veteran Homelessness and more

NHIP  Newsletter 08.01.18 Four million youth homeless annually? Performance Pay contracts and more

NHIP Newsletter 07.23.18 Home Together: Homeless Strategy or Fashion Magazine and more

NHIP Newsletter 07.10.18 Sonoma County  up 6 percent; Norfolk/SE VA increase; and more

NHIP Newsletter 07.05.18  Reader's List of Resources

NHIP Newsletter 06.29.18 CA Legislature allocates $500 million; 280 Missing PIT counts

NHIP Newsletter 06.12.18 VASH Utilization:  No Progress; All Chicago Data; and more

NHIP Newsletter 06.04.18  San Diego Update; Results in LA; and more

NHIP Newsletter 05.30.18  San Diego Up, Down and All Around; Houston buries the leader; and more

NHIP Newsletter 05.22.18  Omnibus Bill Increases Federal Funding and more 

NHIP Newsletter 05.13.18 Boston and DC report decreases; More PIT updates

NHIP Newsletter 05.07.18 Incentive to Increase Counts?  WholeFoods Posts No Solitation and more

NHIP Newsletter 04.23.18  HUD Performance Goal Summary; PIT 2018 updates