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Homeless U



General Homeless Service Knowledge 

Housing First/Harm Reduction Quiz - 20 True/False Questions
Difficulty: Basic   (Avg = 84%; 491 completed surveys)

HMIS Standards - Level 2 - 15 multiple choice questions
Difficulty: Moderate  (Avg = 54%; 162 completed surveys)

Performance Measures Quiz - 12 Multiple Choice Questions
Difficulty: Moderate  (Avg = 54%; 121 completed surveys)



Federal Benchmark Training


NEW! Veterans Benchmark Training - Part 1 - 20 questions
Difficulty: Basic/Moderate

NEW! Veterans Benchmark Training - Part 2 - 25 questions
Difficulty:  Moderate

NEW!  Federal Benchmarks - General Knowledge - 25 questions
Difficulty:  Basic/Moderate  




Homeless Opinions I - 10 survey questions  (272 respondents)

Homeless Opinions II - 20 survey questions  (122 respondents)


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Why the Homeless U initiative?

One of the most exciting initiatives that the NHIP is proud to champion is HOMELESS U. This initiative will help provide curriculum and testing instruments to support homeless services providers increase the knowledge of its staff in the field of homeless services.

The field is full of acronyms (SPC, SHP, HMIS, SSVF, DSM) and definitions (disabling condition, chronic homeless, serious mental illness) that can be challenging for all workers to understand. A better base of knowledge for all workers from Directors to Case Managers and Outreach Staff to Resident Assistants can make them better workers and improve their general development in the human services field.

This is no educational curriculum in the area of homeless services – no class you can take about the details of homeless services. The HOMELESS U initiative hopes to fill this gap for providers by collaboratively developing and disseminating a series of curriculum  that can agencies can use for training and development.

The HOMELESS U initiative also envisions setting some standards of knowledge for staff working in the field. As many know, one of the biggest barriers to better services for people experiencing homelessness is the skills of current homeless service staff. The lack of skills also contributes to high turnover in the field. Staff are the backbone of any federal, state or local initiative.

Our initiative goal is to produce and dissemination curriculum called Homeless 101 and Homeless 102. These two initial sets will cover much of the basic information that all staff working in homeless services should know.

The NHIP is looking for four to six persons interested in working on the HOMELESS U initiative. We are specifically looking for people with a strong knowledge base and persons with experience developing training/educational curriculum in the social sciences. Persons who have a background in teaching and didactics would be wonderful!

Contact NHIP if you are interested in working on HOMELESS U