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NHIP Contributors

Michael D. Ullman, Ph.D. has over 20 years experience as a researcher and non-profit administrator in the field of homeless services.  From 2004 to 2015, he served as National Development and Program Evaluation Specialist for U.S.VETS, the largest non-profit specializing in residential services for homeless veterans.  Dr. Ullman has co-authored multiple peer-reviewed publications in addition to guest commentaries in major metropolitan newspapers.  He is currently working on a book called "Housing Deformation" which takes a broader ecological approach to understanding the rise of modern homelessness.  Dr. Ullman serves as the volunteer Coordinator for the NHIP initiative.

Lynne M. Brockmeier, Administrative Services Manager, Riverside University Health System, currently works with the Riverside University Health System-Behavioral Health as the  Housing Regional Manager and the Housing Crisis Response Team Manager (Street outreach and engagement).Ms. Brockmeier has served the Riverside County community with the needs of those living on the streets for 19 years in the Behavioral Health system. Her duties have included trainer for CIMH for TAY benefits applications and processes and contributor to the CIMH TAY statewide manual of services.  Ms. Brockmeier  has volunteered for women and childrens programs with local Faith-based groups for 30 years in her community.  She has served  as the Chair of the HMIS Council for the Riverside COC since 2010, with past service from  2011-2015 in the COC Board of governance, COC Housing committee, 25 Cities COC  leadership and CES lead, Palm Springs Homeless Task force and trainer for Permanent Support Housing best practices.  

Carlos Peraro, B.S., C.Peraro Consulting, has over 10 years experience with HMIS systems including serving as HMIS administrator for the State of Hawaii for the last five years.  He has provided contract services with the State of Hawaii for the completion of Point in Time Report, Continuum of Care Funding Application, and special reports.  Previously, Mr. Peraro worked for the State of Hawaii's Homeless Division overseeing state homeless funding contracts and provided strategic oversight of the state HMIS.  Mr. Peraro is currently completing the migration and integration of data to a new HMIS system for the State of Hawaii.